Friday, June 23, 2006

New strawberries

NOW, is the time for putting up BC strawberries. The season is so short, only about three weeks.
CAUTION: be SURE you get Fraser Valley berries, they are known for their distinctly delicious flavour. Once the season is over you'll only be offered those woody berries from elsewhere.

It takes so little time and the reward is large. And it isn't complicated at all. To get started all you'll need is your large canner, which is only about 16 to 24 dollars, your jars and lids, about 8 bucks, sugar and Certo. Could it be less easy? And your flat of fresh Fraser Valley strawberries! Enough there to have jam all winter and plenty left over for eating!

Fraser Valley berry farms

If you have a computer printer, you can even add custom labels to your jars. They're creative and fun. Avery has many varieties of labels suitable for preserves, and within the label package you get the software on CD! What's better than a homemade jar of jam for a Christmas gift?
Start now!