Sunday, May 24, 2009

Red Pepper Relish

As promised:

2 dozen red peppers
7 Medium onions
3 cups vinegar
3 cups sugar
2 tbsp. salt
2 tbsp. mustard seed.

Put peppers and onions through a processor using a course blade.
Bring to a boil.Simmer uncovered for 30 mins. Process for 10 mins. Makes 11 pints.
If you like White Spot Triple O sauce add mayo to this relish.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Buy Local

The interest in buying locally produced fruits and vegetables is exploding! All over North America, people who are concerned about additives, hormones and chemicals in their food are looking for alternatives to mass produced, imported foods. And Frankenfoods are quite honestly, scary for the person trying to look after a family. Searching out local markets can be rewarding in that you support local growers, farmers and merchants. Be sure there is one near you and if there is not, why not investigate the possibilities of starting one?

Good eating begins with confidence in your food and it's source. Buying products from another continent can be downright worrisome when we consider our agricultural and health regulations opposed to the standards in some other countries. Buying local does not mean the cheapest price, but I for one would rather serve food of quality from within fifty miles of my dinner table than preservative laden produce from wherever in the world.

Jump on this bandwagon with the pride of supporting a growing groundswell of goodness. Googling the phrase 'buy local' will result in many weblinks. Here's one to get you started - - -

Canning Season

Just letting you know that the canning season will soon be here. This time of year my larder is starting to look a little bare. I always start the season off with strawberry jam, then raspberry next. I always get my jars out, to make sure that they pass the rim check no chips etc.. Then when the local produce starts to come out voila, I am one happy soul. Cooking to me is like therapy as I enjoy just looking at the finished product and sharing with my friends. I will start giving out a few of my recipes this year.
If anyone has any questions just feel free to ask. I also have a new web site,