Friday, December 27, 2013



Well we all have a goal for the New Year. Or do we?
Myself I am going to continue to cut my portion of food
and skip the daily desserts. Try to walk on the tread mill at least three times a week.
When its not raining, I will try to walk outside some days.
Look for interesting recipes that are healthy, cut down on meals of meat.

Bob calls me a carnivore, I love my meat. Once I have done my grocery shopping
and have meat in the freezer I feel safe.
If I don't post for awhile about food you have been warned, as I will probably go into a funk without my  portion of meat and potatoes. I do love vegetables so that will be a safe haven for me.
I will indulge in pasta and pizza on occasion, will stick to my own tomato sauce, no salt just herbs.

I am craving a roast of beef ,surrounded by potatoes and carrots, Yorkshire pudding already.
So will stop this post before I head to the store for a juicy roast.

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