Friday, October 08, 2004

The Lie

So Jack knocks on my door. What'dya want? I says. Just wanna grab a little milk, you got some? he says. I go = Nope, fresh out, no got. Zilch, fridge empty. Cows on strike. Jack thinks a bit, he ain't too bright, he goes = You always got milk, why you standin' front a the fridge like that? Jack has this look, he narra's his eyes. I'm spread over the fridge door grippin' tight. He sees the white knuckles and sweat on my brow. What you doin'? he asks. The jig's up. Jack ain't that dumb. He gets an edge in his voice, sorta accusin' like = You got some left, don't you? I go = No way, I tol' you, all gone. Jack grabs my arm, tryin' ta pry it offa th' door. You got some! He shouts. His left eye got it's own wobble now. I shouts back = No! He yellin' louder = You got some a Auntie Jane's Green Hornet dills in there! You tol' me they was all gone! You lied! I says = No Green Hornet dills in there, really. We struggle. Jack fell down. Really.
I only got enough Green Hornet Dills left ta last till March.
Jack's stayin' at his Mom's till his jaw heals. Auntie Jane broke up our friendship.

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