Wednesday, October 13, 2004

the Snow Moon

The Harvest Moon has set, the Hunter’s Moon is near, and Winter threatens with a scowl and a chill wind. But the bounty of summer lies secure within Auntie Jane’s jars. Preserving fresh fruit and vegetables at their peak of freshness and ripeness means more vitamins per serving. Crops that go directly from field to processor retain vitamins better than those that are shipped across country and sit for days in produce bins or at home in refrigerators. Because Auntie Jane’s food preserves are packed at the peak of harvest, as the produce is picked, it is also at its nutrient peak and healthful best. Fruits and vegetables especially have the highest nutrient content when they are ripest and what could be better than watching the arrival in February of the Snow Moon while enjoying the warm taste of the delicious flavours of last summer?

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